Thalia Gaußstraße

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Time of execution

March 2021 until October 2021

The Thalia located on Gaussstrasse is both a branch of the Thalia Theater and a district theater in Hamburg Altona.

In March 2021, we were tasked with the comprehensive renewal of the dimmer system in the Thalia Theater Gaussstrasse.

The technical modernization and further development of existing systems first requires a precise assessment of the existing technology. Only this way can a sensible update be planned to work long into the future.

• Renewal of dimmer system for studio stage and four rehearsal stages incl. new hotpatch fields for rehearsal stages
• Cable hoist for four sample stages
• Reconstruction of the main power distribution and installation of three circuit breakers 250A
• Construction of a DMX network with several offset boxes per rehearsal stage
• Central light rack in the dimmer room for switches and lighting control
• Renewal of lighting control desks for rehearsal stages and studio stage

Technical specs:
• 3x 48 channel ETC Sensor 3 dimmer cabinet
• 4x 24 channel ETC sensor 3 dimmer cabinet
• Special Construction Industrial Arts Backfill Boxes
• ETC Eos Ti light control

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Industrial Arts GmbH

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